Drink Blog Code

Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Code of Conduct

This code emerged out of a discussion at Drink.Blog.Talk 2007, the first online conference of drink bloggers. Fifty four bloggers from around the alcoholic drink blogosphere accepted invitations to the event and a wide range of topics were discussed at www.drinkblogtalk.ning.com.

A number of bloggers supported the development of a code or codes of conduct to help guide the community. What follows is a model code. It has no binding force. However, we hope drink bloggers will use it as a foundation for their own thinking. If anybody wants to adopt the code wholesale, they are welcome to. There are badges for links to the code at the bottom of the page. The comments thread is open. Please add your thoughts and we can hone what we have here.

This Blog:

1. Respects other people's copyright.

2. Strives to offer original content. Content sourced from other people is attributed to those people. The following exceptions are sometimes made: marketing material which is clearly intended for publicity purposes and content which carries a Creative Commons or other license which explicitly permits its use without attribution.

3. Tries to be honest with its readers. We clearly demarcate paid for advertising from normal editorial content.

4. Works to maintain its independence and integrity. We try not to allow advertising revenue or the receipt of samples for review to influence what we write about and how we write about it. For example, if a product for review is sent to us, we may decide to review it but we will not give it undue prominence and will state our honest opinion of the product.

5. Tries to be thorough. We attempt to verify the accuracy of the information we are offering.

6. Strives to be fair. Parties who have been factually misrepresented will be given an opportunity to have the record corrected on the blog. The publication of readers' comments, however, is at our discretion.


Two badges for the Drink Blog Code. Can anyone who knows what they are doing improve on these?